International Removalists Shipping From Australia

Are you moving overseas from Australia?

There are many international movers in Australia alone. Whether you are looking to move personal effects or your company, Cargo Australia can help in the process of moving your goods from from Australia to your desired destination.

international relocation services

About Cargo Australia

Cargo Australia is based in Sydney but they cater to freight services all over the world. No matter where you may be planning to move and how quick you want to move , Cargo Australia has services that are ideal to your situation. Whether you are sending your goods by Air or Sea they have network of agents around the world to help with the delivery of your goods.

They have been in the freight industry for almost a decade now. They have done many shipments from people moving overseas  and shipping international.

Price Advantage

They provide good prices compared to other competitors because of their size. They are a fairly small company and the operation is run by Tishan Goonetilleke. The fact they are a small company enables them to be cost effective as their overall costs are quite low. Compare to other companies where they’re overall overhead costs are high those additional expenses end up being past to the consumer. Therefore they have a competitive advantage over their competitors in this area.

Size Disadvantage

The main downside of their operation is probably their IT support. Some bigger companies are able to provide a more comprehensive tracking system based on their investment on capital equipment. Being a smaller company this poses a limitation on them and hence they’re tracking service may not be the best. The more traditional way of tracking is still used in this company where you or your company may need to call them to fid out the location and state of your Cargo.


In conclusion if you are looking to move overseas or make any type of international shipments that are not too big than Cargo Australia is an option you can take. Overseas shipping and removalists for households is what they specialise in. You can have a direct contact to the Owner of the company which at times can be frustrating when dealing with bigger companies. Depending on your size of your shipments is a big consideration factor to take when choosing the right International company to use.

I hope you have found this article helpful and help you in your decisions when choosing international movers from Australia.

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Transporting popular retail watches: Stuhrling,Akribos,Skagen.

Transporting retail watches in the logistics industry is a big industry. With the logistics industry holding the foundation of business and globalization the ever forms of retail and transporting fashion goods such as watches have become a lot more competitive. With competitiveness comes increase quality aswell as a decrease in competition.

transporting stuhrling , wewood, seiko, akribos reviews

For this article i will go over some of the popular watch brands known aswell as some of the best military watches that incorporate Military G logistics and the new JIT (just in time) software developed by DHL to transport, track, and deliver goods to retail outlets all over the world. I will also do a review on their transportation routes and infrastructure.

Review Seiko

Seiko is a watch company that is well reknowned around the world. No matter where you are around the world , in a retail outlet you will find seiko. Some of their famous watches are the Seiko skx007 divers watch which was and still very popular today. Carrying on seiko is one of the new companies that have take on board the new JIT software which integrates with their distribution channels and manufacturers. This therefore gets there goods to its despatch and desired location at the best and fastest possible time.

Wewood watches

Mens wooden watch manufacturer worldwide has been one of the first suspects to utilize the development of the new transportation software. Wewood watch reviews their transportation methods year in and year out in order to maximize outut and improve efficiency.

Review Stuhrling

Stuhrling watches also reviews their transportation model on a year in year out basis. With transportation and logistics accounting to about 30 % of costs for goods, this tactic has proven to be a competitive advantage to them. With the launch of the new just in time software by Dhl has caused an increased efficiency to the company with an increase 4& revenue for the year and a decrease in 10% of transportation costs and delays for the company.

Review Akribos

Akribos watches company also utilizes the new transportation just in time delivery module. Some of its popular ranges such as the xxiv watch reviews has been getting delivered to customers worldwide a lot more efficiently. With the growing popularity of akribos watches this shift to the new transportation software and program has resulted ina decrease of costs aswell as a boost in customer satisfaction. Deliveries are getting delivered more efficiently.

In conclusion , the transportation software that has just been launched which specializes in Just in time has proven to be an efficient software in the transportation in the retail industry and in this case watches. With the major watch brands such as Stuhrling, Seiko, Wewood, Akribos aswell as the military grade transportation of logistics, ensuring efficiency to the tee. It would be interesting to see what the other watch companies would do with the current trends of the program.

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Finding a forwarder when shipping to Sri Lanka

cargo container ship to sri lanka

Finding a freight forwarder nowadawys can be quite a meticulous task. With increased competition and globalisation, shipping to Sri Lanka and the task of selecting the right freight forwarder may not be as simple as it used to be.

Wherever you maybe located around the world there are a few things to look out for when choosing the right freight forwarder.


Unsurprisingly price is one of the most common features that clients look out for. Finding a forwarder that gives a fair price and does not break the bank is the first thing to look out for. So you maybe asking, how can i find a freight forwarder that ships freight to Sri Lanka at a reasonable price? There is only one answer to that and that is to call up competitors. When shipping cargo to sri lanka or anywhere else around the world , make sure to call up multiple freight forwarders around your area. The easiest way is to do a Google search of the freight forwarders around your resdience or not too far from and inquire by giving them a ring or email. Try and call as many as you can and compare the prices.

Quality of Service

Another factor to note when calling up forwarders is service. You want a forwarder that cares for your cargo. Some forwarders are not customer focused and you want to avoid dealing with these companies. Some signs to look out for are the way they treat you on the phone. Customer orientated businesses treat their clients with respect , patience and simple manners. They tend to listen to their clients needs and answer their inquiries in an informative manner. When you first ship goods out to Sri lanka or anywhere else you tend to have a lot of questions. Find a forwarder that listens, reassures and is competent in regards to the procedure and all the questions you have in mind.

Business Reviews

Researching business reviews online can be an easy way to gauge the quality of a companies service. A simple search on google maps enables you to read the reviews that past clients have experienced through them. Searching up forums in the industry gives you another avenue to read at and can give you more perspective about the experiences of clients.


The last but not least factor is credibility. A business with good credibility is the way to go , even though that at times it may cost a bit more than other companies. Linked to the above factor finding a company with good reputation is essential. If you cannot find any information on a company than it maybe not be the best sign. Try to find a company that has a good reputation. Another alternative is to call and friends and families who has shipped to Sri Lanka or whether other destinations and find out who they have been using and if they have had any positive experiences with them.

To finish the article , i will recommend one of the shipping companies that i use when moving freight to Sri Lanka from Australia. Cargo Australia is a reliable company to go through when shipping to Sri Lanka. They tick all the boxes above and is company that you can consider when trying to ship freight back to Sri Lanka. Whether it airfreight, seafreight, containers, car shipping or LCL their services have proven to be cost effective and reliable time and time again.

A new shipping hub is being built in Sri Lanka. Below is an interesting video that you may like to wath , enjoy :)

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